The history of our tire company.

In 1950 a former army sergeant born in Port Townsend, Washington moved to Everett, Washington and started one of the first OK Rubber Welders franchises in the United States.

Over the years he built one of the largest and most respected tire dealerships in Washington state with corporate headquarters located in Seattle. Al Bolser Tire Stores Inc. became a legacy to the man who built the company and, after his death in 1988, it continued to be run by his son, Tom Bolser.

The former general manger and then newly president of Al Bolser Tire Stores had started a niche market company in 1979 called Specialty Tire and Wheel Inc.

In 1996 Tom resigned from Al Bolser Tire Stores and started to grow Specialty Tire and Wheel to new levels.

With the help of his partner and oldest son, Jason Bolser, they expanded to their new 2½ acre facility in Mount Vernon, Washington and specialized in the hard to find used tires and wheels.

Tom and Jason give the real credit of training and experience to father/grandfather Al Bolser for the many successes they have had.

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